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The Olympic Games open: Berlin and Athens 2004 on the “Berlin Boat“ in Piräus

Berlin presents itself from its athletic side / www.berlin-marathon.com offers extensive coverage on the running events and will start a game prize


On Friday evening in Athens, the Olympic Games of the XXVIII Olympiad of the modern times opened with a grand spectacle in front of 74,000 spectators in the Athens Olympic Stadium and over three billion people around the world via television. After 108 years, the Games returned to their origin in Hellas. There were many sceptics before the Games, but the Greeks succeeded in an excellent organisation of the 25th start of the Olympic Games (the largest festival in the world did not take place three times due to war).

From now until August 29th, 10,500 athletes from 202 countries will compete for the gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as enjoying the honour of being there at all..

Berlin not only sent 58 well-trained “Spree-Athenians“ from the Olympic Support Area (OSP) to the Games with the intent of collecting some precious medal, but they also sent a three-mast ship “Atlantis“, which was renamed “Berlin Boat“ for a short period.

On Thursday the three-mast ship “Atlantis“ docked in the port of Piräus where it will remain anchored until August 30th.

The “Berlin Boat“ will be a central gathering point for the Olympic participants from Berlin, as well as for friends, sponsors, and representatives from the areas of politics, business, and sport. The ship also houses several cabins that have been rented out to paying guests during the Games.

real,- BERLIN MARATHON is on site and on board ...

The real,- BERLIN MARATHON and the Bewag BERLIN HALF MARATHON as representatives of Berlin are of course also on the “Berlin Boat“ with an information stand already advertising for the races in 2005.

Promotion for the Track and Field World Championships in 2009

Berlin hopes to present and represent itself with this action—keeping in mind, of course, the application for the IAAF Track and Field World Championships in 2009 as well as for other big sporting events involving the new and old Olympic Stadium in Berlin—why not the Olympic Games in 2016?

Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit will be on board on August 24th. Before that there will be a reception with Germany’s NOC president Dr. Klaus Steinbach and Berlins senator for sport Klaus Böger . The Berlin Boat event was organised and financed through sponsoring by the TOP Sportmarketing GmbH and contacts of the Berlin OSP.

There will be special reporting from Athens on the real.- BERLIN MARATHON website.

The special results from the viewpoint of the Berlin OSP will be published, as well as the complete running results starting at the 800m, as was the case for our earlier previews. There will also be a daily prize game – starting with the begin of the track and field events. You can look forward to interesting and results and news from Athens.

It is worth it to take a look and participate!

The internet team of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON

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