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Excellent successes for SCC RUNNING

121,831 participants for the running year 2003


In the running year 2003 in Berlin, all of the races showed an increase in number of participants. A total of 121,831 runners participated (last year there were 108,848, in 1964, only 700!) The number of participants had to be limited for numerous events in order to assure a smooth organisation. There were many innovations—new courses had to be created for five large races due to the great number of participants. The 30 km Training Run was one innovation that impressed with an unexpected participation of over 1000 runners. The enthusiasm for running in Berlin continues. This can also be seen outside of any formal organisation, where just having fun moving and the health aspects play a key role. In addition to running, this enthusiasm includes inline skating, and especially walking for beginners and seniors, as well as Nordic walking. The RBB Running Movement – in cooperation with SCC RUNNING and their trainers – has aroused a new quality of running enthusiasm in Berlin.

Unique Success Story

From September 8, 1964 – December 26, 2003 1,262,163 runners have participated in a total of 344 events organised by SCC RUNNING.

Races ranging from 122 participants up to 48,424 participants from 99 countries

1. 30. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON (SCC) 48.424 Runners
2. 23. Bewag BERLINER HALBMARATHON (SCC) 17.692 Runners
3. 20. Berliner Frühstückslauf (SCC) 11.000 Runners
4. AVON-RUNNING 20. Frauenlauf (SCC) 10.528 Runners
5. 04. Berliner 5 x 5 km TEAM-Staffel (SCC) 7.236 Runners
6. 12. Bewag City-Nacht (SCC) 7.044 Runners
7. 15. real,- MINI-MARATHON (SCC) 6.732 Runners
8. 32. Berliner Neujahrslauf (SCC) 3.500 Runners
9. 27. campina Strassenlauf “Generalprobe“ (SCC) 2.861 Runners
10. 11. Berliner Marathon Staffel (SCC) 2.643 Runners
11. 40. Berliner Cross-Country-Lauf (SCC) 1.576 Runners
12. 01. Berliner Trainingslauf 30 km (SCC) 1.068 Runners
13. Oekumenischer Spendenlauf beim Kirchentag 468 Runners
14. Bambinilauf beim real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 383 Runners
15.Gänsebratenverdauungslauf 287 Runners
16. Berliner Team-Marathon 249 Runners
17. Berliner Osterhasenlauf 122 Runners

Not yet included in the Berlin Ranking 2003 is the 28th Berlin New Years Eve Run by SCC RUNNING on December 31, 2003 (last year: 1,908 runners). 6 of the races listed above by SCC RUNNING are the largest of their kind in Germany.


SCC RUNNING Results 2003 – in chronological order
Great increase compared to last year– runners/skaters

01.01.2003 32. Berliner Neujahrslauf -Spendenlauf für UNICEF- 3.500 Runners
18.01.2003 25. Berliner Team-Marathon 249 Runners
05.04.2003 04. Bambinilauf 211 Runners
06.04.2003 11. FUN-RUN beim HALBMARATHON 1.287 Runners
06.04.2003 07. Bewag Inline-Skating HALBMARATHON 2.003 Runners
06.04.2003 23. Bewag BERLINER HALBMARATHON 15.689 Runners
20.04.2003 03. Berliner Osterhasenlauf 122 Läufer
24.05.2003 20. AVON RUNNING Frauenlauf 10.528 Runners
30.05.2003 01. Ökumenischer Spendenlauf beim Kirchentag 486 Runners
25.06.2003 04. Berliner 5 x 5 km TEAM-Staffel 7.236 Runners
09.08.2003 12. Bewag City-Nacht auf dem Ku-Damm 733 Skater
09.08.2003 12. Bewag City-Nacht auf dem Ku-Damm 7.044 Runners
24.08.2003 27. campina Strassenlauf “Die Generalprobe“ 2.861 Runners
31.08.2003 01 1. Berliner Trainingslauf 30 km 1.068 Runners
27.09.2003 19. Berliner Frühstückslauf 11.000 Runners
27.09.2003 04. Bambinilauf 383 Runners
27.09.2003 06. real,- Inline-Skating MARATHON 9.612 Skater
28.09.2003 15. real,- MINI-MARATHON 6.732 Runners
28.09.2003 30. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 38.812 Runners
09.11.2003 40. Berliner Cross-Country-Lauf 1.576 Runners
16.11.2003 11. Berliner Marathonstaffel 2.643 Runners
26.12.2003 05. Gänsebratenverdauungslauf 287 Runners
31.12.2003 28. Berliner Pilsner Silvesterlauf ?
GESAMT 121.831 Participants

The development of inline skating in Berlin at the cutting edge

In the past, Berlin has always been an innovative trendsetter in the area of running and endurance sport. In 1997, SCC RUNNING introduced inline skating to the framework of larger running events in Germany, at the HALF MARATHON, then at the City Night, as well as at the BERLIN MARATHON. Since then, inline skating has experienced a unique success at many races throughout Germany. This past year, 733 inline skaters participated in the Bewag City Night, there were 2,003 skaters at the 7th Inline Skating HALF MARATHON, and at the 7th real,- Inline Skating MARATHON Berlin there were 9,612 participants. This Berlin inline event with 9,612 skaters is by far the largest in the world, and by carrying it out on a separate day, it has taken on a special role as a trailblazer for the sport throughout the world.

Triple anniversary year with the 20th Womens Run, 30th MARATHON, and 40th Cross Country Race got the running scene going

“With this number of participants for a single year, SCC RUNNING is by far the largest running event organiser in Germany,“ commented Horst Milde, the head of the successful series of running events. “Through the anniversary year with the 20th AVON Berlin Womens Run, the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON and the 40th Berlin Cross Country Run, the organisational team from SCC RUNNING achieved excellent results for which they can be proud.“ The diverse programme includes something for every age group, from Bambini starting at age 2, all the way to 80-year-old seniors. Together with the Senate school administration, children and youth are introduced to running, and with the numerous training opportunities organised by SCC RUNNING—also in cooperation with the RBB Running Movement with the diverse media coverage—the Berliners are animated to run, walk, and participate.

The motto “RUN BERLIN RUN“ gets the city going and keeps it moving.

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