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And another world record: SMSs at the real,- BERLIN MARATHON 2003

41373 messages have been sent out


Another world record, this time not athletic but in the SMS messaging system, has been broken. Continuing the trend in 2003, there were overwhelming requests for the SMS result service for the real,- BERLIN MARATHON, allowing us to report an SMS result service record (Status: at the finish at 3 p.m.):
Halbmarathon Endzeit Summe
Bewerb Marathon 14564 20414 34978
Bewerb Skater 2513 3815 6328
Bewerb Wheel 11 20 31
Bewerb Powerwalker 25 11 36
Summe 17113 24260 41373

There were 27,751 SMSs sent at the BERLIN MARATHON 2001, and 35,714 SMSs sent at the BERLIN-MARATHON 2002 Never before at a similar event have there been so many messages sent in such a short time to participants and spectators around the world.

Like in the past two years, tens of thousands of finishing results were successfully sent to mobile phones as SMS messages at the real,- BERLIN MARATHON again this year. Every ordered SMS message was received within only a few seconds of the participant crossing the half marathon mark and/or finish line.

The results messages included the race number, the first and last names of the athlete, the achieved ranking, the net time, both half marathon times, the average speed, and the kph.

Results with personal statistics were also sent to the participants by email. A total of 8,648 result emails were sent (8751 in the year 2002).

Both the real-time notification system, as well as the email messaging (both developed by Prof. Alois Ferscha at the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz) demonstrated their system stability and reliability under an extremely high load.

We would like to give our congratulations for the overwhelming success of the real,-BERLIN MARATHON 2003, both athletically and organizationally, and hope that we were able to make a small contribution to the success of the event.

Sincerely from Linz
Alois Ferscha

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