100 years of bauhaus marathon in Weimar on 28 April 2019

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1 Million cups and 205,000 Safety Pins

286 Müllers and 225 Schmidts are Running...and 3,784 Danes - 262.8 Million EUR Income Effect since 1974 through the MARATHON


At the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 27-28, there will not only be a record number of participants, but a huge amount of materials that have to be prepared and distributed to them by the organisers from SCC RUNNING to assure the smooth running of the event: 1 million cups, 205,000 safety pins, 52,000 race numbers, 95 clothing trucks are needed, and 5,900 volunteers will help out.

From 1974–2002, 416,444 runners from over 100 countries have participated in the BERLIN MARATHON, and 54,689 youth have participated in 14 MINI MARATHONS.

In a survey of the years 1974-2003, Prof. Maennig has calculated 262.8 million € of cumulative regional income effect for Berlin through the BERLIN MARATHON and its participants. These additional monies have found their way from the tourists and runners into the wallets of those in the Berlin retail and gastronomy industries.

In the “national statistics“ the Danes are far ahead: 3,724 Danes, 1,292 Swiss, 993 Dutch, 919 Austrians, 799 French, 774 British, 428 Italians, 423 Swedes, 401 US Americans, 361 Finns ... and 1 participant from Mauritius ...

The statistics count 286 Müllers, 225 Schmidts, 167 Nielsens, 155 Hansens, 142 Jensens, and 137 participants named Schulz. 19.9 % of the participants are employees, 11.7% engineers, 9.6% self-employed, and 8.1% students.

The oldest female participant is Pina Gurtner from Switzerland (born in 1925) and the oldest male runner is Heinrich Blümchen (born in 1918) – as you can tell, running keeps you young.

33 % of the participants are running their first marathon here in Berlin.

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