100 years of bauhaus marathon in Weimar on 28 April 2019

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Information about the registration

  • Age Groups and Classifications

    Classification Year of Birth
    Main Class
    1990 - 1999
    Seniors 1989 und älter
    m/f Youth  A/B
    2000 - 2003

    Separate rating for male and female participants. (Classification in accordance with LAO)

    If all of the members of an adult team are not in the same age group, that team will be ranked in the main class.

  • Awards Ceremonies

    Each participant gets a medal at the finish.

    You can download your certificate by the result list

  • Changing Disciplines

    There is a EUR5 fee to change disciplines.

    You can change disciplines either by sending an email or in person when you pick up your race materials.

  • Clothing drop-off / Changing

    You can drop off your fresh clothes in the hall of Weimar and pick them up after you finish. 

    Tents for changing clothes will be on Markplatz as well. Please note that the tents will not be guarded and there are no lockers either.

    Please note that there is no option of a clothing drop-off. Each runner has to forward their clothes to their team mates.

  • Extras

    Further extras are available to booking into your registration

    • Event-Shirt (CLIMACOOL):
      20 Euros
  • Eligibility

    According to the German Athletics Association may participate following vintages in these competitions:

    • marathon: 2001 and older
    • half marathon: 2003 and older
    • relay: 2005 and older

    Relay: Women, Men, Youth, mixed relays (Mixed results are part of the main men category)

  • Late registration

    You can register late next to the race number pick-up at April, Saturday 27, 2019!





    Late Registration

    100,00 Euro

    50,00 Euro

    is not possible

  • Participant fee

    Period marathon half marathon
    till 30.06.2018
    50,00 Euro 20,00 Euro 66,00 Euro incl. Chip
    01.07. - 31.12.2018
    80,00 Euro 40,00 Euro 76,00 Euro incl. Chip
    01.01. - 10.04.2019
    90,00 Euro 45,00 Euro 86,00 Euro incl. Chip
  • Registration Deadline

    Online Registration Deadline is at April 10, 2019

  • Race number pick up

    Pick up your start number

    • Saturday 27, 2019 from noon till 7 p.m.
    • Sunday 28, 2019 from 7 a.m. till 8.30 a.m.

    Where: Weimarhalle, Unesco-Platz 1, 99432 Weimar

    You need your ID.



    Your race materials will include:

    • - a race number for every runner
    • -a timing chips (for the first and last runners)

    Please note: On race day each participant is only allowed to compete in one relay and only on one stretch of that relay!

  • Registration all Relay participants


    Please note: 
On race day each participant is only allowed to compete in one relay and only on one stretch of that relay!

    An exchange of names and order is still possible on the day of the event!  

    In the arrangement of the relay runners a look at the elevation profile of the route is recommended.

  • Refreshments

    Refreshment points will be located at the spots below:

    • Start area*
    • km 6.5: Cultural break Niedergrunstedt
    • km 8.3: Cultural break Gelmeroda*
    • km 10: Cultural break Possendorf
    • km 14: Cultural break Vollesroda
    • km 16.2/36.1: Cultural break Musikgymnasium Schloss Belvedere*
    • km 18/37: Cultural break Haus Hohe Pappeln
    • km 20/39: Cultural break Bauhaus-Universität*
    • km 22.8: Cultural break Haus am Horn
    • km 28.8: Cultural break Mellingen
    • km 31.4: Köttendorf*

    We will offer water, tea and bananas.

    (*) only water available.

  • Start time and Time limits

    Start for each Disziplin is at 9 a.m.

    Time limit half marathon 1 p.m.

    Time limit marathon and relay 4:30 p.m.

    The running course is very profiled in some passages (see elevation profile of the course). This is especially important when planning the race in terms of the time limit (including possible visits of the cultural breaks) as well as in the running pace.

  • Toilets

    In the start-finish area as on each refreshment point enough toilets will be provided.

  • Timing, Chips, Chip Return

    Time measurement is done exclusively with the ChampionChip!

    The ChampionChip is a small plastic transponder that has to be fastened on your running shoe (no metal contact!) and will measure your personal race time.

    Four different possibilities, your choice:

    1. Owner of a chip:

    Please provide your chip number (seven-figure combination of digits and letters) during the registration process.

    2. Chip purchase: you can purchase your chip during registration, it’s this easy:

    • Price: EUR 31,00
    • The amount will be billed together with your other fees
    • Your data will be saved in our system
    • The chip will be delivered via postal mail
    • You can use the chip for many different running events worldwide

    3. Chip rental:

    • You choose chip rental during registration
    • The one-time rental fee is EUR 6,00
    • Return the chip within two hours after the event

    4. Chip-rental with purchase option:

    • You choose chip rental during registration
    • The one-time rental fee is EUR 6,00
    • You do not return the chip but rather keep it after the event -> the purchase option is triggered!
    • EUR 25,00 (difference between the already payed rental fee and purchasde price) will automatically be billed to your provided method of payment.

    Chip return

    There are locations within the finish area where you can return your chip until 5:30 p.m.
    Not returning the chip until 5:30 p.m. will trigger the purchase option (see #4)

Background illustration: Visualized by Bloomimages GmbH